Farmer's Market

We save you the time, cost and stress of your regular visit to traditional market setting by delivering Fresh farm Produce to your home or office at no upfront fee via DCANS Groceries Ghana, a sister company & part of The DCANS Group Limited (TDG Farms Corporate Parent).

We currently only deliver to anywhere in the Greater Accra Region and Koforidua & Environs. Minimum order sizes apply.



Our current urban and backend logistics only targets Salaried Workers (Public or Private) and Registered Businesses (Restaurants, Hotels, Grocery Platforms, Schools, etc). 

Other target qualifying groups will be added in due course.



TDG Farms Ghana is a well-capitalised self-funded (does not rely and/or depend on traditional bank financing or government subsidy programmes) multi-strategy commercial farm of The DCANS Group (TDG) Limited, with different business and operating model that offers:

• Non-GMO

• No Upfront Fees

• Total Convenience Guaranteed

• Competitive Pricing

• Varied Options: Plant and Animal Products

• Payment Options: Pay on Delivery and Pay Later over 90 days (3 months)

• Free Delivery On All Orders

• TDG Farms Ghana + DCANS Groceries Ghana : TDG Farms currently only delivers fresh farm produce via DCANS Groceries - meaning you can order other available products on the latter's platform (canned food products, etc) in addition to our fresh farm produce for bundled delivery.

• Farm-to-Fork / Farm-to-Table

• Weighted Pricing Policy : All Fresh Farm Produce are sold in weights (grams and kilograms) and not via subjective options.

• Local & International Supply Chains via DCANS Groceries Ghana and DCANS Groceries UK.



By virtue of our current target market (salaried workers and registered businesses), you simply need to signup at at NO UFRONT FEE and if approved we furnish you with valid login details for DCANS Groceries Ghana and start shopping right away. We deliver without you being required to make any upfront payment.



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